Family Holiday Association

We were honoured to design and develop a custom web portal system for Family Holiday Association. Family Holiday Association is a charity that helps struggling families who are going through challenging circumstances to experience a much-deserved holiday, short break or day trip, many of which are kindly donated by hotels, campsites and tourist attractions.

The Challenge

Research undertaken by Family Holiday Association reveals the devastating impact on families who miss out on summer holidays, including declining mental health and an impact on school performance. These families are referred for a holiday or day out by professionals in a supporting capacity, for example, teachers, social workers, and health visitors.

Family Holiday Association required an all-in-one digital solution that enabled these professionals to complete an online application for holidays, short breaks and day trips, on behalf of families. The system also needed to provide back-end functionality so that the team at Family Holiday Association could review and manage these applications.

Family Holiday Association Website Design

Our Solution

We listened carefully to the client’s requirements and worked very closely with key personnel at Family Holiday Association during the design and development phases. From this, we have managed to create an online platform that delivers an efficient, high-quality experience for both referrers and the back-office team.

Family Holiday Association Mobile Web Design
Family Holiday Association Website Teasers

The Referral Area

We developed a custom-designed referral area that incorporates all the functionality required to support an efficient referral process. The first step for referrers is to register. Our team created a registration form where referrers are required to enter personal details and select which organisation they are affiliated with. Once accepted, referrers can access the system where they are able to browse holidays, short breaks and day trips. Search criteria includes:

  • The duration of the break
  • The type of break that would best suit the family, whether it’s a caravan park, glamping, a seaside adventure, city or countryside break
  • How the family intends to travel and whether they need a contribution towards travel expenses
  • The number of adults, teenagers, children and infants

When the referrer has found a suitable holiday or short break, they can make an application on behalf of a family. To help manage applications, referrers can log in to their account where they are presented with a dashboard. Here, they can view the progress of applications, see what breaks they have been offered, accept holidays and breaks, make further applications, download PDF versions of applications for their records, and edit their personal details. Once a break has been booked, the system generates reminders for families as the holiday approaches. Finally, the system requests and gathers feedback after breaks, so that Family Holiday Association can share positive experiences and the big difference a holiday or short break can make to struggling families.

Family Holiday Association Software Development
Family Holiday Association Family on a Beach Scenic Shot
Family Holiday Association System Mobile Interface

Back-Office Admin Area

The second part of the system is the Back-Office Admin Area. This enables the Family Holiday Association team to upload holidays, manage referral registrations, review applications for holidays, and manage content that is displayed in the Referral Area. The back office sits within an Umbraco Content Management System, providing all the required functionality and information in one area. More specifically, the team can:

  • Load suppliers and products (holidays, short breaks and day trips) into Umbraco
  • Add content to each of the holidays (descriptions, photography, key information) to help referrers to choose a suitable destination for the family/families they’re representing
  • Review referral registrations with the ability to accept, decline or request more information
  • Review applications, see what products loaded into the system match the family’s characteristics, and send holiday offers to the family
  • Send break requests to reservation teams at suppliers (hotels, campsites) for them to accept/decline; this updates the application status
  • Create eVoucher templates per products which can be sent to families when breaks have been successfully booked

Additional functionality includes search functionality (applications, suppliers, products), the ability to export data on applications, products and suppliers as a CSV file, and application audit trails.

Family Holiday Association Back Office Admin Applications Area
Family Holiday Association - Back Office Admin Product Management Area


The new platform has streamlined processes and massively improved efficiency at Family Holiday Association, enabling the charity to work with more families and partners. Since the platform launched in December 2017, they have recorded the following metrics:

referrers have registered
applications have been made
families have enjoyed a holiday or day out

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